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Nanning City

Nanning Department Store Co Ltd.(南宁百货有限公司) 

Founded in Feb. 1956, Nanning Department Store Shareholding Co. Ltd is located in the most prosperous downtown area of Nanning, the capital city of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. In 1992, it was reformed into an administration of share holding system, and became the first listing commercial enterprise in Guangxi in1996. Possessing two commercial buildings of the North Building and the South Building, Nanning Department Store shareholding Co. Ltd. mainly deals with general merchandise in a way of retail and wholesale. It has a staff of more than 1600 as well as 8 marketplaces, and one sub-companies with a business area of about 35000 square meters. Its total assets amount to¥700 million. It has invested ¥350 million to build Jinhu Plaza of 70000 square meters which will be completed by the end of the year 2004,and will be a place of sightseeing and recreation for tourists and local citizens as well.
Faced with the opportunities and challenges brought about by China entering WTO, Nanning Department Store shareholding Co. Ltd is sticking to its traditional business notion, seeking business breakthrough, and making pioneering efforts to adjust its management strategies so as to make an active response to the changing market, speed up its management connection with international rules and regulations, and accelerate its transformation of traditional business into modern business, hence realizing the aim of modernizing, grouping and state-running the enterprise.

Address: Chaoyang Rd            Tel::2828313 (switchboard)

Yufeng Commerce Mansion (裕丰大厦)

Located on the intersection between Xinhua Street and Xingning Rd, Xingning District, adjacent to the mall on Xingning Rd., Yufeng Commerce Mansion is a shopping center in the most traditional and prosperous downtown area. Invested by Nanning Yufeng Real Estate Development Co. Ltd., a Sino-Britain joint venture, it is one of the earliest projects  attracting foreign investments. Its business covers mainly a scope of shoes and hats, suitcases, ornaments and jewelry, cosmetics, woman and baby wears, and its speciality of fingernail beautification. Ever since its business setout in May 1997, Yufeng has become a well-known household word and shopping paradise for especially the young.

Address:Xiguan Rd        Tel:office:2819759、2617765

Wal Mart Super Center, Nanning Branch

Established in Arcansas 1962 by Mr. Sam Walton, a legendary person in American retail business, Wal Mart, after 40 years of development, has become the biggest American private employer and the biggest chain retail business company in the world. In quite a few countries, Wal Mart has been awarded the title of “the most appreciated enterprise”, and “the finest and the most suitable enterprise for work”. In the years of 2002 and 2003, Wal Mart China was awarded the title of one of the most respectful enterprises in China for two years on end by both Industry Management Research Center of Beijing University, and Economic Observation.
In order to promote economic development, Wal Mart will continue to enlarge its investment in and cooperate with China in five aspects: (a) keep on enlarging its purchase in China, and helping to export China-made products to other countries; (b)enlarging investment in China, especially that in the western part of China to make an active response to Chinese government’s projects of developing the western part of China so as to provide more working opportunities, and help the government to gain more tax income; (c) keeping closer cooperation with Chinese producers and manufacturers, sharing with them Wal Mart’s information and resources; (d) helping Chinese manufacturers to improve their  production, technology and management; (d) introducing to China its advanced techniques and experience in managing retail business so as to improve the level of retail business in China.
Main articles: retail commodities
characteristic commodities: fresh vegetables, fruit, meat, fried chicken  
Address: 18 Qingyun Rd.           Tel:2639088

Dream of Island Department Store(梦之岛购物中心)

Dream Island is a famous retail enterprise in Guangxi, and also a new type, internationalized and standardized retail enterprise that first applied modern and advanced management of international standards into its management. Dream Island enjoys successful experience in planning and managing internationalized plaza, possesses advanced management and abundant funds. It has two plazas: Dream Island shopping center, and Dream Island Department Store which are characterized by dealing with the latest world fashionable commodities and leading fashion in Nanning. Both stores stick to their business notion of “fulfilling your dreams with our warm-hearted service”, hence bringing their customers chances of keeping up with the pace of fashion, tasting life and enjoying happiness
Dream Island Department Store is located in the prime commercial area around Minzu Palace, adjacent to Guangxi People’s Hall and Minzu Square. Dream Island Department Store occupies a total business area of 36,000 square meters within five floors. With its business focus on “Life, Shopping and Enjoyment”, it provides service for people from different classes who pursuit youth and fashion. Dream Island, praising highly the creative spirit of introducing fashion, and creating fashion at the same time, recommends and spreads fashionable and unique goods to meet its customers’ needs of “fashion—life—shopping”, hence making itself a preferable store for people from different classes.
Address: Minzudadao           Tel: 2853505