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Nanning City
About Nanning City

Nanning, the capital of Guangxi Zhang Autonomous Region, is the center of the region's politics, economy, culture, science and education and also one important city in the country's southern area of opening to outside world. It enjoys the treatments for coastal opening cities.
Nanning city, shortened as Yong, was an important town and place for collecting and distributing commodities in the South of the Dive Ridges in ancient time and has more than 1600 years of history, Nanning is located in 108°18` of the Tropics of Cancer and 22°49`E,thus it is plenty in sunlight for the whole year, mild in climate, rich in rainfall. The city can witness the green trees and fruit trees like peach, mango, Renmian Fruit, jackfruit, Chinese olive, banyan, kapok etc. as well as other various exotic flowers and rare grass. In the four seasons of a year, with luxuriant vegetation, heavy with the aroma of flowers and fruits.
Nanning city and the two counties under its jurisdiction(i.e. Yongning and Wuming) have a total population of 2.5-plus million and total area of 10 thousand-plus square kms, among which the urban population and area are 0.7 million and 70 square kms respectively.
Nanning is a city along the river, border and coast. Yong River, one branch of Xijiang River flows through the city proper. Nanning is only more than 100kms to the border of Gui Railway line, the railway gateway between China and Vietnam, of LI-zhan, Nan-fang and nan-kun lines. Closed to Guangdong, Hong kong and macao, facing the Southwest Asia, with the Guilin tourism zone and the Great Southwest economis development zone behind, being the strategic passage for the imp & exp trade of Beihai and Fangcheng port, Nanning plays a pivotal role in establishing the economic contact between the coastal area and interior land and it has been one of places for collecting and distributing goods and materials for the Great Southwest and China South from time.
The newly established Nanning Economic and Technical Development Zone is located in the south of Nanning city proper and about 5 kms far away from the city center. Its planned area is 9 square kms.
Nanning City has advantage of geographic environment, rich materials and goods, convenient transport, fine foundation of industry and agriculture, and strong ability of radiation. With the further extension of opening to the outside world, Nanning, the new and ancient city, will become the sea getaway and circulating center of the country’s Great Southwest areas and part of provinces and cities in the middle of China and become an international modernization city radiating the Southeast Asia.