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Nanning City
Local Food

Rice roll(卷筒粉)

Grind the soaked rice into thick syrup . Roll the paste into the shape of tiny pillar s and steam then until they are nearly-cooked then, allow them to air-dry. Cut them into slices and fry with pork and vegetable. The dish has a colorful appearance and tastes delicious . Laowei Snack Bar in Jiefang Lu offers nutritious soup apart from the common diet, and Laopai Liuzhou Luosi Snack Bar on the same street has many serving suggestions on their rice roll menu.

“Lao You” (Old Friend Noodles)(老友粉)

This dish has a history of more than one hundred years. It is said that long ago an old man made it his custom to come to Zhou’s Tea House in Nanning every day.  However, one morning he failed to put in his usual appearance. Because he had a bad cold that forced him to stay home.  The boss of Zhou’s Tea House,  who was an old friend of the old man’s, prepared and delivered to him a bowl of noodles, seasoned with fried garlic, dried black bean, chili, sour bamboo shoots, minced beef and ground pepper. After enjoying the noodles, the old man sweated all through the night and felt much better in the morning and this is how Old Friend Noodles got its name. Since then, it has been a popular -- and appetizing -- treatment for a cold or for a simple case of hunger.

Steamed dumplings(蒸饺)

Add some watery starch to paste of steamed rice. Pull of a small piece and roll out into the shape of a circular dumpling wrapper about 4-5 inches in diameter. Next, the wrapper with stuffing made from pork meat, lotus rhizome, yam bean, water chestnut and other seasonings. Seal the wrap in the shape of Chinese Jiaozi. After being steamed, they are delicious and refreshing.

Braised duck in lemon sauce(柠檬鸭)

It’s rather intricate to prepare this dish, even at the first step of choosing duck. The best should weigh 1.5 to 2 kilos, fed with grain and carings, with a little fat like those of Beijing Duck and local ones. After the duck is killed and cleaned, boil it half-done, then dry and slice it. The second step is to select the seasonings which are as vital to the taste of the dish as the heating degree. The lemons should be preserved for several years and cut into slim slices.
Other ingredients include sour garlic, sour chilli, sour plum, fermented bean curd, sugar, Shaoxing wine and fresh ginger. The last step is to stir-fry the duck slices with all the seasonings in boiling peanut oil for several minutes, then reduce the heating degree and braise it to completely-cooked, then again use the strongest heating degree to stir-fry it until the sauce becomes cream and it’s served. Its spicy and sour flavor makes it very popular and ranks a top delicacy in Wuming. As far as the name of the dish is concerned, we must add that Gaofeng is the name of a place in former Yong-Wu Highway, but Braised duck in lemon sauce, Gaofeng style, due to its unique flavor, has spread far out of its original restaurant.

Roast baby pig(烤乳猪)

The process is rather complicated and takes much time; the product is more than worth the effort.
Step One: Select a suckling baby pig from Luchuan district, weighing about 4,000 grams. Butcher and clean the animal, allowing it to air-dry in preparation for for the next step.
Step Two: Place the charcoal according to the shape of the baby pig, and roast the body of the animal under medium heat for 45 minutes, then rearrange the charcoal to roast the head and the bottom at lower heat for 50 minutes.
Step Three: Turn the baby pig up side down to roast the pig skin. While rotating the pig, use a pin to make holes in the pigskin to allow the liquid to escape. When the pigskin turns yellow, apply a mixture of water and honey on twice. The third layer should be sesame oil, applied while rotating until the pigskin glistens with yellowish light. It will be finished when you hear the cracking sound of the pigskin when you gently strike it. The dish is most delicious if it is served immediately after it has been roasted. Place t he whole baby pig on a plate and cut it into slices. You may apply pure vinegar, garlic sauce or sweet and sour sauce for additional flavor. You may also have pancake s to go with it. The most striking features of the dish are its shiny, golden and red appearance, the crisp pigskin surrounding succulent, tender meat, and the wonderful aromas.