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Dentistry in ASEAN Countries


Thailand, which is short for The Kingdom of Thailand, locates in the heartland of Southeast Asia. Thailand borders Laos and Cambodia to the east, Malaysia and Gulf of Siam to the south

and Myanmar and the Andaman Sea to the west. The country used to be called Siam. On 11th May, 1949, Thai people changed the name of their country into the name of their nationality “Thai”, which means “freedom”, as Thailand was the only country in Southeast Asia then. The official language is Thai and written in Thai letters. It is used by 50 million people as their mother tongue. More than 90% of Thai people are Buddhists, most of whom believe in Theravada Buddhism. The country is divided in to 76 territories, including 75 “changwats” and Bangkok Municipality.
Dentistry in Thailand is generally one of the world class standards with Thailand dentists undergoing years of general training and often undergoing further dental education abroad. Dental cosmetic procedures are the most popular form of treatment with overseas dental visitors for various countries, such as Australia, United State, United Kingdom and Middle East country.

The Dental Association of Thailand: