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The Philippines

The Philippines

The Philippines, known as “the country of thousand islands”, is made up of more than 7000 islands. The aquamarine sea, the azure sky and exuberant coconut trees are the most beautiful tropical natural sceneries which attract tourists from around the globe. Sea and beaches is a must-see scenery in the country. Leaves of coconut trees swaying in the breeze and the rhythmic tides on the beach is a commonplace but marvelous view.
Stomatology in the Philippines has achieved significant development after liberation. The first group of students graduated from colleges and universities of dentistry in the Philippines in 1924. To mutually support and develop each other, they established the All-Philippine Dental Association. After liberation, dentists in the Philippines came to life. The two dental organizations in pre-war times teamed up to form the Philippine Dental Association (PDA).

Under the guidance of the nationwide dental association, dentists around the country stood together and tried hard to catch up with foreign countries in the field of dentistry. In January 1948, the PDA issued its first official publication, the Journal of PAD, informing target readers who wanted to get in touch with the latest development in the area of dentistry in foreign countries. In post war years, dental equipments in the Philippines were improved and upgraded significantly and the enrollment of dental colleges and universities was expanded.
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