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Myanmar is adjacent to the Andaman Sea to the Southwest, bordering Bengal to the Northwest, the PRC to the Northeast and Thailand and Laos to the Southeast. Myanmar is a famous country of Buddhism and the introduction of Buddhism into the country

dates back to more than 2500 years ago. Lots of pagodas survived and stood firmly in various wars and the big earthquake in 1975. Main tourist attractions in the country include the Shwedagon Pagoda, Karaweik Palace, Inle Lake, Bogyoke Market, Botataung and Central Park, etc. Yangon is the biggest city in the country. As a once colonial city, many buildings in the city are in western style. There are also buildings in complex style, a combination of western style and Myanmar features which boasts more outstanding artistic features and visual beauties. Buildings like Yangon City Hall, the Catholic Church, the Custom Building and Yangon Train Station are all pleasant to pay a visit.
The dental association in Myanmar was established in 1979. Now the association has 1500 members with a Standing Committee of 25 members. The association is dedicated to the prevention and treatment of dental and oral diseases for the public.

Myanmar Dental Association: