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Laos locates in the north of Indo-China Peninsula. It borders China to the north, Cambodia to the south, Vietnam to the east, Myanmar to the northwest and Thailand to the southwest. It is the only landlocked country on the peninsula. 80% of the country's landscape is

mountainous region or plateau and most of its land is covered by forest. Therefore, it is named the “roof of Indo-China”. Laos is an ancient country with a long history and it enjoys the name of “the Kingdom of Sandalwood” since ancient times. Splendid natural sceneries in mysterious mountains and forest make tourists enjoy themselves so much as to forget to leave. The abundant natural resources in the country provide countless business opportunities.
There are 4 Central Hospitals, 12 Provincial Hospitals, 124 District Hospitals, 823 Health Services, 223 Private Clinics, 120 Dental Clinics (91 clinics in Capital) and all together 450 dentist in Laos. In 1965, The Dental School was established and depended on the School of Medicine in Vientiane. It introduced curriculum of four years
for Assistant Dentist or Dental Officer. In 1991, The Department of Dentistry has been established and belongs to Faculty of Medical Sciences, National University of Laos, and extend course for two years more. The Department of Dentistry replaces the present dental curriculum with the degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) of six years course. In 2007, The Faculty of Dentistry has been established and belonged to the University of Health Sciences, Ministry of Health.
The Faculty of Dentistry: