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Dentistry in ASEAN Countries


Indonesia, short for The Republic of Indonesia, locates at southern end of Southeast Asia. Indonesia is known as the country of thousand islands, stretching across Asia and Oceania. As the

largest country of archipelago, Indonesia is consisted of tens of thousands of islands. Attracted by the prosperity and modernity, a great number of world’s famous brands and department stores have built their factories and branches in cities across the country. Indonesia has a well-established traffic system which includes several international airports, the world’s longest bay bridge and a highly developed railway network.
According to figures from the World Health Organization, now Indonesia is short of approximately 4,000 dentists. An estimated 75,000 dental technicians are currently working in Indonesia, of
which a large portion have been offering basic dental procedures, such as extractions and fillings without a license from the health authorities. PDGI (Indonesian Dentists Association) and AFDOKGI (Association of Dentistry Faculty Indonesia) are under the FDI World Dental Federation and fully support the declaration which set 12 September as a World Oral Health Day. Various activities like free dental examination and treatment to promote public oral health have been organized across the country.
The Faculty of Dentistry of Universitas Indonesia: