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CAFD Review
Overview of the 4th CAFD

The 4th CAFD is held on Oct. 27th-28th, 2014 in Guangxi Wharton International Hotel. Themed with “Enhancing International Collaboration to Promote the Regional Development in Dentistry Between China and ASEAN”, the 4th CAFD will make in-depth discussions on tackle strategies based on the factors constraining the development of dentistry in ASEAN, on the need in clinical technology of stomatology, cooperation of scientific research and academic exchange, on the ways of cooperation and the policy support among governments, which is conducive to the comprehensive cooperation partnership between China and ASEAN.

I. Preparatory Works
The forum plan was initiated in February this year. Under the leadership of our National Health and Family Planning Commission and People's Government, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, we have determined the theme, topics and the specific form, and formulated overall scheme and preparatory work. Our forum has got great support and concern from the government and society. The form of this forum have been further improved and innovated with the holding of the China-ASEAN Excellent Young Dental Student Forum. Since March of 2014, the Organizing Committee has contacted with each liaison official from ASEAN countries, and we have received positive supports through various means, like emails, letters, telephones and faxes. According to preliminary estimates, we have sent over 4,000 email letters, about 2,600 printed invitation letters. In May and June, we have initially determined the guest speakers and the representatives of Ministry of Health and Stomatological Associations from each country respectively. In August, we have tentatively completed the collection and printed of forum materials.
There will be around 300 participants to this forum, including four ministers, and they are H.E. Prof. Thir Kruy, State Secretary of Health Ministry, Cambodia; H.E. Assoc. Prof. Som Ock KINGSADA, Vice Health Minister, Laos; H.E. Dr. Ponmek DALALOY, Former Minister of Health, Laos; H.E. Dr. U Win Myint, Deputy Minister of Health, Myanmar. Also, we have Dr Tin Chun Wong, President of FDI World Dental Federation, and 54 President of Stomatological Associations and Deans of stomatological colleges, 42 speakers, 22 representatives of young student speakers, and outstanding experts and scholars from different countries and regions, including America, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Austria, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Mainland China.

II. Overview of the 4th CAFD Agenda
1. VIP Courtesy Meeting and Opening Ceremony
(Time: 8:30-9:40 a.m. October 27)
On behalf of the organizing committee, leaders of Guangxi government and National Health and Family Planning Commission will have a 20 minutes courtesy meeting with representatives from ASEAN member states. Later, opening ceremony will be held, where speeches will be successively made by leaders of China and ASEAN countries.
2. Construction Launching Ceremony of China-ASEAN Youth Exchanges Base on Dentistry & Guangxi Medical University ASEAN International College of Stomatology 
  (Time: 10:25-10:40, October 27)
The Launching Ceremony of China-ASEAN Youth Exchanges Base on Dentistry & Guangxi Medical University ASEAN International College of Stomatology will be held at the new site of Guangxi Medical University ASEAN International College of Stomatology after the opening ceremony. The new site locates in Pingle Avenue, Wuxiang New District and covers an area of 16.9 hectares. It is completing as the largest scale and well-equipped dental teaching, medical and research center in China, where we also intend to build the China-ASEAN Youth Exchanges Base on Dentistry, serving as an important platform for communication and cooperation to develop friendship between Chinese and ASEAN young dental students.
3. Summit (Time: 13:00-17:30, October 27)
With the theme of “Enhancing International Collaboration to Promote The Regional Development in Dentistry Between China and ASEAN Through CAFD”, health authorities and presidents of Stomatological Associations from different countries will make keynote speeches on education, medical information, academic exchanges and cooperation; Furthermore, they will make an in-depth exploration on their cooperative orientation, contents, key points, and developing the medical mechanism with the goal to expand the comprehensive cooperation relationship, deepen understanding and develop friendship between China and ASEAN.
After the dental officials finishing their speeches, we will arrange flexible time for the participants to express opinions and exchange ideas on the Forum’s mission, growth and development, and on how to promote China-ASEAN exchanges and cooperation on dentistry.
4. China-ASEAN Excellent Young Dental Student Forum
 (Time: 13:30-17:20, Monday, October 27)
It is the first time to add the Student Forum as a highlight to CAFD. Excellent young doctors and students from China and ASEAN will deliver speeches on the topic related to dentistry. In order to encourage their positivity, we will award all of them according to their performance by competition. We believe the Student Forum is bound to promote friendship and mutual trust for China-ASEAN youth through oral health to maintain the friendship and achieve common development of China and ASEAN from generation to generation.
5. The 2nd International Symposium on Microecology and Microbial Biofilm & Symposium on Comprehensive Dentistry
 (Time: 13:30-17:30, Monday, October 27; Tuesday, October 28)
 The International Symposium on Microecology and Microbial Biofilm is co-held by GXMUCS and Southwest China College of Stomatology, Sichuan University. It will show new progress and technology in stomatological infectious disease and stomatology, setting up a platform for exchanges in interdiscipline.
 Symposium on Comprehensive Dentistry will cover new progress in dental education and clinical practice, including latest international classifications in dental caries and new standard in comprehensive prevention and treatment system, and innovative concepts in US dental education and dental faculty development. It also involves latest progress in dental implantation, prosthodontics, maxillofacial surgery, periodontics and dental public health.
6. Dental Show
 Meanwhile, this seminar has invited dental equipment manufacturers and dealers from home and abroad so it will facilitate the transfer of technological breakthrough and promote the research and finding of new products. The China-ASEAN Excellent Young Dental Student Forum continues driving China-ASEAN development in stomatological industry and oral researches. It is expected to serve as a hub for information and communication on research findings, medical electronically products, R&D and trade of medical equipment between China and ASEAN.
Generally speaking, under the strongly support from all of you, the 4th China-ASEAN Forum on Dentistry is bound to be a high-level international and professional dental event with its unique feature.

 III. Future Working Plan for Collaboration
The forum is held every two years, which serves as a good platform for exchanges. Based on it, we plan to take other forms to strengthen pragmatic cooperation on dentistry between China and ASEAN. We welcome everyone here to share your suggestion and ideas for our future practical cooperation. Here, the Organizing Committee would like to propose some ideas for the future working plan.
1. Carry out various kinds of exchange activities for young dental students, such as organizing summer camp for dental students among different countries.
2. Establish an international mobile medical team to provide oral health service to ASEAN countries. We intend to establish such a team composed by volunteers from China and ASEAN countries to provide medical service to the needed areas. In addition, we hope the local health departments can join in this program and help collect some difficult and complicated clinical cases for preparation, and then the medical team will be sent to these needed areas to offer medical assistance and start vocational training for local dentists at proper time.
3. The possibility for CAFD to join FDI
Moreover, it is our honor to have the attendance of Dr. Tin Chun Wong, president of FDI to our meeting. As the largest and highest-level world dental organization in the world, FDI has the largest scale of member states. Its annual conference includes academic activities, seminars, forum, world dental council conference, business meetings etc. China-ASEAN regions cover the largest population in the world, so we are wondering if these is any possibility that CAFD can join as one of the sessions or divisions of FDI.